We all have defining experiences in our personal and professional lives that mold us into the person that we eventually become.  In my case, that was in February of 2007 when I formed Boyd Tech, Inc., in response to the discovery of an innovative composite piping system that has the benefits like no other.  While consulting on the construction of a mixing facility in Zhong Shan, China, a local firm provided the AHE Composite Piping System for use in the project.  This material reflected dramatic changes in the piping industry like none that I’d seen in decades.  Later, I became the exclusive agent for the manufacturer for North, South, and Central America.  Over time, through the research and development efforts of a joint collaboration of Sam Boyd of the Americas, Michael Frost of Australia, and Leo Deng of China, the AHE/Alumilined™ Composite Piping System additional fittings are being developed and the pipe now is available in standard pipe sizes, as well as, metric.

As a general construction professional who trained in all phases of commercial, industrial, and residential construction, I have extensive knowledge in building systems, design, and layout.  As well as, the ability to see-through the completion layer by layer identifying the issue that caused the failure. This diversity led to the opportunity for me to consult in several disciplines.  Initially though, I followed a concrete related path. From concrete placement and finish, to coatings, and eventually moisture intrusion, developing an awareness of environmental issues that play key roles in the failure of most concrete systems.

While providing moisture intrusion consulting services to the construction industry, I have consulted on several projects including, but not limited to:

·        ACP/ Panama Canal Restoration Project

·        For-tuna Dam David, Panama

·        Journeys End Resort Ambergris Caye, Belize SA

·        Lake Houston Spillway Restoration Houston, Texas

·        Di Bow Ninh Mixing Facility Zhong Shan China

·        Nin Tau Hydro-electric Facility SinJin, China

·        Revelstoke Hydro-electric Dam Revelstoke BC, Canada

·        As well as, several projects here in the US 

Throughout my career it has been evident that the construction industry has many challenges most of which are materials related.  Identifying innovative solutions with an acceptable cost/benefit ratio has been my personal challenge, as a professional consultant to the entire construction industry.  Currently, my goal is to see the AHE/Alumilined Composite Piping System through and included in the mainstream of the composite piping industries due to the many benefits this product provides to the industry.  Ultimately, I’d like to produce the pipe and fittings here in the US.

Sam Boyd

President at BoydTech, Inc.